612 ABC Radio Olympic Venue Tour Transcript

Aired 8am, November 4, 2008


SPENCER HOWSON: Who should host the 2016 Olympic Games, do you reckon? Should it be Dubai? Or Alaska? What about Tingalpa? Yes, after losing to Beijing and London in its previous attempts, the humble, almost-bayside Brisbane suburb wants to host the 2016 Olympic Games. 612 breakfast reporter Rebecca Levingston met with the President of TINCOG, the Tingalpa Olympic Organising Committee, and took an exclusive tour of the Olympic facilities.

TOM CARROLL: I love Tingalpa. I've lived here all my life. And I would just like to see Tingalpa given the international recognition that it deserves. We've been in preparations for this for quite some time - this is our ninth year of organising. But this adds up to a lot of experience - and we've had plenty.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Have you got someone in mind to be the star of your opening ceremony?

TOM CARROLL: I'm hoping to recruit my sister.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Bit of a singer?


TOM CARROLL: Now we're heading into Stadium Tingalpa - or what will be the location of Stadium Tingalpa. In fact, this will be the centrepoint of the bid.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Why should Tingalpa host the 2016 Olympic Games?

TOM CARROLL: Well, I'm surprised you have to ask to be perfectly honest. I mean, look around. Isn't this the ideal location for any Olympic bid?

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: As any Brisbane local would know, at certain times of the year the plovers can be particularly vicious. We've just had a pair fly over us now, I'm surprised we've all still got our eyeballs in place. What are you going to do to stop the plovers bomb-diving?

TOM CARROLL: There has been some suggestion that we could in fact hold the shooting right here - the shooting events - and let the problem take care of itself.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Daffyd, you're in charge of amenities. Talk us through what sorts of things are already up and running.

DAFFYD YOUNGO: We've got public toilets and we've got barbeques all around the place.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Certainly a very well-known fact that barbeques and public toilets are the key to a good Olympic Games.

DAFFYD YOUNGO: We basically are just upping the scale of things. Lots more barbeques, lots more public toilets.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Have you got a spot picked out for the athletes' village?

TOM CARROLL: There's a caravan park nearby, we're hoping to utilise that. And I think you could probably pitch some tents over there.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: I know it's a delicate subject for you, but what actually did go wrong with the previous bids?

TOM CARROLL: Well Spencer Howson of the ABC certainly played his part. I know he cast a number of aspersions on us. And our bid was mired with baseless accusations of corruption from Spencer. He at one point accused me of trying to organise the Olympic Games to improve the value of my own house.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: I think Spencer's ready to come on board though.

TOM CARROLL: You're either for this bid or you're not.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: What about some of the sports that require specific state-of-the-art facilities? Where are those things going to go?

TOM CARROLL: Well as for the aquatic events, Bulimba Creek is nearby. We're also hoping to have some sailing in the lake out in Minnippi Parklands which is not far from here.

DAFFYD YOUNGO: The Tingalpa Hotel has been recently upgraded, and where we previously thought that it might be a venue for boxing, we're pretty sure that we can probably get a lot of gymnastics and archery going there as well now.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Well your determination, gents, is something to be admired ... something to be feared. Will you rest until Tingalpa has hosted an Olympic Games?

TOM CARROLL: No, I shouldn't think so. Each time our bid is unsuccessful it only hardens our resolve to bring the Games to Tingalpa.

DAFFYD YOUNGO: We've recently commissioned the second Gateway Bridge, which I think will give us the scalability to bring more people than ever before to this glorious suburb.

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Gentlemen, thank you for the tour today. I wish you the best of luck.

TOM CARROLL: Thank you very much indeed.

DAFFYD YOUNGO: Thank you so much.

SPENCER HOWSON: How many times are they going to continue to do this? How many Olympiads are they going to continue to do it? It is the third time around for Tom Carroll to attempt to get the Olympic Games for Tingalpa. Tom Carroll and Daffyd Youngo from the Tingalpa Olympic Organising Committee. And if you go to our website,, and click of 'Breakfast', there's a story there about the TINCOG 2016 bid for the Tingalpa Olympic Games. And you can follow the links through to the TINCOG official website, and there are photos of the proposed venues.

Relive the magic of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

  • Population: 9,000
  • Tingalpa is 9.5km east of the Brisbane CBD.
  • The only suburb of Brisbane to ever have applied for an Olympic Games three times.

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