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Aired 5pm, June 6, 2001

RICK BURNETT: First tonight, a late Brisbane bid for the 2008 Olympics. And after the success of Sydney, and with out athletes preparing for the next Games in Athens, the host city for 2008 will be announced in Moscow next month. The favourites are Beijing and Toronto, but a bolter is the Brisbane suburb of Tingalpa. And as Rob Hazel reports, not all the locals are keen on the bid.

JUAN ANTONIO SAMARANCH: [Stock footage] The winner is Sydney, Australia!

ROB HAZEL: It's an exciting time for any city to be awarded the Olympic Games. Brisbane's known the bitter taste of defeat, when edged out by Barcelona for the honour in '92. But now, it has another chance. Well, maybe not all of Brisbane, but certainly a few of the south-eastern suburbs. A bid has been lodged with the IOC for the 2008 Games by... Tingalpa.

TOM CARROLL: It's about a 40-page document. 80, when combined with the French.

ROB HAZEL: Tom Carroll is President of the Tingalpa bid. Along with committee members Juan Antonio Closque, Antonio Juan Philippe, and Juanita Edwards, he sent off the official application to Switzlerland 6 months ago. Now it's getting close to announcement day, and Beijing, Toronto, Paris, Osaka and Istanbul are being talked about, and the Tingalpa committee still hasn't heard back from the IOC.

TOM CARROLL: Not a thing. Very rude of them. Nothing.

ROB HAZEL: But that doesn't mean Tingalpa's being ruled out - they're just yet to hear.

TOM CARROLL: Perhaps we should have sent it registered post, in retrospect. But, ah... nothing we can do about that now.

ROB HAZEL: As far as the committee's concerned, Tingalpa is the ideal location. Their website shows the infrastructure in place already, with excellent transport facilities. Wynnum Road goes right through the suburb, the pub is being touted as the boxing venue, while the swings at Meadowlands Park can be extended into a world-class gymnastics complex. And even though they haven't heard back from the IOC, they're still getting ready.

TOM CARROLL: The torch, uhm, comes within 10 meters of 100% of the citizens of Tingalpa.

ROB HAZEL: Even the length of the torch relay is being finalised.

TOM CARROLL: Well, 100 days. 100 days.

JUAN ANTONIO PHILIPPE: Should be able to manage the entire population in 100 days.

TOM CARROLL: Yeah. I think if we had community caulderons at the end of every street...

ROB HAZEL: But some members of the community don't particularly like the way the committee appears to be having a joke at Tingalpa's expense.

RANDOM PERSON #1: I think it's a bit if a disgrace, if they want to take the mickey out of Tingalpa. It's a great place to live!

RANDOM PERSON #2: Oh, I think someone's having a go alright, yeah. But, ah .. I dunno why.

ROB HAZEL: While others thing the idea could actually work.

RANDOM PERSON #3: On the outset, it looked fairly ... ludicrous, the way they put it up in the paper. But when you find the... when you go through the area... the logistics of it... it's a very feasible concept, actually.

ROB HAZEL: Financially, it could be tough, with the committee planning quite a few weekends of cake and lamington drives. They've also projected making around 74 million dollars in tourism. And while normally and entire city bids, they reckon they might be setting a precedent.

TOM CARROLL: Well some of our associates have already spoken about trying to get the Commonwealth Games for Rochedale South in the year 2010.

ROB HAZEL: And even if they do get edged out by Beijing this time, they believe Tingalpa will one day host the greatest show on earth.

TOM CARROLL: And I'm confident that it'll be the best Olympic Games ever.

Relive the magic of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

  • Population: 9,000
  • Tingalpa is 9.5km east of the Brisbane CBD.
  • The only suburb of Brisbane to ever have applied for an Olympic Games three times.

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