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First published in The Wynnum Herald, May 9, 2001

• Tingalpa's bid for the 2008 Olympics was a well-kept secret until Herald reporter Ron Goodman stumbled across the bidding committee's website at Some research, an interview and e-mails to five Olympic bidding cities and six other Olympic committee's have shed light on the attempt to give Tingalpa a place in Olympic history.

A bid for the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in Tingalpa could be foiled by an International Olympic Committee deadline.

The bid's organising committee, TINCOG, hopes to trump bids from Beijing, Toronto, Istanbul, Osaka, and Paris to win the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

TINCOG President Tom Carroll said he realised time was short but with planning for a Tingalpa Games already well advanced he thought that could be overcome.

"We filled in and sent away the questionnaire for cities applying (to host the Games) ... to the IOC in Lausanne," Mr Carroll said.

"Despite the fact that we mailed it in a few weeks past the deadline we are hopeful that this won't affect our bid too seriously. Hopefully they respond shortly since we don't want to fall behind in our preparations."

Mr Carroll said the vision for Tingalpa was born soon after Sydney 2000.

"I think when we started seeing a bit of media coverage on the Athens Games immediately after the Sydney Games we started thinking what does Athens have that Tingalpa hasn't?" he said. "The infrastructure certainly needs a little bit of work (but) we're working on that."

Vice-president Antonio Juan Phillipe said the bid's financing was still being worked out but that he hoped local, State and Federal governments would help.

"We've got other ideas as well. We've had shirts made up for people," Mr Phillipe said.

"Cake stalls, things like that. There's the hats we're thinking of making, the magnets."

Proposed Games venues include Bulimba Creek at Tingalpa, the Wynnum wading pool and a Stadium Tingalpa with hillside seating for 30,000 to be built at Kianawah Park.

TINCOG public relations spokeswoman Juanita Edwards said the Games would also be a boon to business in Tingalpa and surrounding suburbs.

"We're going to look at a lot of sponsorship from the local businesses and of course make them known to the world so that they can generate more business," Ms Edwards said.

She said she hoped coverage of the Games would be even better than that of Sydney 2000 and said community station Briz 31 was being considered as a broadcaster.

TINCOG's head of security Juan Antonio Closque said dogs would play a big part in security operations at venues.

"We've actually done some research and we've found poodles are the most effective," Mr Closque said.

"We're going to have old ladies and children and stuff coming to this thing so we don't want to threaten them."

"They can have a bit of a cuddle and after that we'll just take them around the back and look for explosives and stuff."

The IOC shortlisted bidding cities last year and will announce the winning bid in Moscow on July 12.

FAST FACTS: the world responds

Thank you for your email. I have never heard of the Tingalpa 2008 bid. So I cannot give any comment.

Best regards, Yoshi.

Thank you for your inquiry. The International Olympic Committee has five official candidate cities vying for the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The fives cities are Toronto, Paris, Osaka, Beijing and Istanbul. I would be pleased to speak to you and provide a phone interview if you need any additional information.

Sincerley, Mark Arsenault
Director of communications
Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid

The bid for the 2008 Olympic Games had been closed since last year. Five cities have been short-listed, namely Beijing, Paris, Istanbul, Osaka and Toronto. The decision will be made on 12 July 2001 in Moscow. Isn't it a bit too late for Tingalpa? Is this an April Fool's joke?

Relive the magic of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

  • Population: 9,000
  • Tingalpa is 9.5km east of the Brisbane CBD.
  • The only suburb of Brisbane to ever have applied for an Olympic Games three times.

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