Triple M Radio Interview Transcript

Aired March 29, 2003

PRESENTER: We're going beneath Brisvegas in a fascinating suburb this hour - Tingalpa. And the name comes from the aboriginal words "tingal", meaning "fat", and "pa", meaning "place". I don't know what that says about the first settlers, but I'm sure everyone who lives in Tingalpa is nice and thin now.

And no one is more passionate about the suburb of Tingalpa than Tom Carroll. He is the president of TINCOG. And what's TINCOG, you may ask? Well that's the committee responsible for the Tingalpa bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. And Tom reckons the suburb has everything befitting of a world sports events.

TOM CARROLL: Following the 2000 Olympic Games we sort of had a look around at what was being offered by the various cities bidding for the 2004 Games at the time, and we sort of came to the realisation that none of the other cities such as Athens were really offering anything more than what was already on offer here at Tingalpa. So we though that was a pretty good opportunity to bring the Games back to Australia.

PRESENTER: Couldn't agree more. And after an unsuccessful attempt in 2008, Tom and the rest of TINCOG hold out great hope for the 2012 bid.

TOM CARROLL: We've had a good look at ourselves after that, just to see what in fact went wrong. There's a lot of things that led to the failure of the 2008 bid. The late submission of the official documents is obviously one thing. You have to appreciate that it was quite time-consuming translating all that stuff into French.

PRESENTER:And of course, we wish you all the best.

Relive the magic of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

  • Population: 9,000
  • Tingalpa is 9.5km east of the Brisbane CBD.
  • The only suburb of Brisbane to ever have applied for an Olympic Games three times.

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