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In a shock decision today in Copenhagen, the International Olympic Committee has voted to deny Tingalpa the Olympic Games for the third successive time.

TINCOG President Tom Carroll stated that it was unlikely Tingalpa would bid again for the 2020 Games.

"Seriously, screw those guys," he said.
"It is obvious to me now that we were wasting out time with the IOC. Looking back, getting the Olympics for Tingalpa seems like a bit of an unrealistic idea."

Mr Carroll said that he would now turn his attention to more achievable goals, such as setting up Australia's first space port - in Tingalpa.

"We have established a new organisation dedicated to this mission. Most of the old team are back. The Tingalpa Space Agency will be open for business first thing on Monday morning."

Read more about The Tingalpa Space Agency

DECISION DAY - October 2, 2009

The winner of the 2016 Olympic Games will be decided today in Copenhagen, Denmark.

TINCOG is feeling optimistic, having deliberately kept details of its 2016 bid quiet, in an attempt to prevent rivals from stealing our revolutionary ideas.

Tingalpa 2016 Olympic insignia


Beat The Drum

Following a legal threat relating to the Olympic Insignia Protection Act of 1987, TINCOG has created a new logo for its 2016 Olympic bid,

Our new logo is fresh and original, and has been specifically designed to avoid legal problems.


TINCOG is pleased to announce a new Olympic bid - this time for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Rising from the ashes of the failed 2012 bid, TINCOG has regrouped, reorganised, and commenced planning for its latest attempt to secure the Olympic Games for Tingalpa.

Tingalpa 2016 Olympic insignia


TINCOG President Tom Carroll

Find out more about the unsuccessful 2012 bid, and all the latest news relating to the 2016 bid in the TINCOG Media Archives.

Features newspaper clippings, radio interviews, press releases and video clips.

LATEST INTERVIEW - November 18, 2008

8:45am. 4BC News Talk Radio caught up with TINCOG President Tom Carroll this morning, just before the 9 o'clock news.

In the interview, Tom discusses the recent Channel 9 coverage, and makes known his true feelings about Kerry Packer's media empire.

Listen to the interview in the media section.

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Facebook logo

Local activists have established a Facebook group to help improve public awareness about Tingalpa's new Olympic bid.

Show your support for the bid by joining the TINGALPA 2016 Facebook group.

INTERVIEW - November 12, 2008

5:30pm. Brisbane Extra catches up with TINCOG, 7 years after the first interview, to find out about preparations for the 2016 Olympic bid. Featuring Tom Carroll, Juan Antonio Closque, Daffyd Youngo, and Jacinta Kanyé.

For more information, see the media section.

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RECENT INTERVIEW - November 4, 2008

ABC 612 Radio

7:40am. 612 ABC Brisbane interview. Breakfast reporter Rebecca Levingston tours Olympic facilities with TINCOG President Tom Carroll and Daffyd Youngo (Head of Watersports, Amenities, Catering, and Race Relations).

For recording and transcript, see the media section.

LONDON METRO - November 22, 2004

The London Metro runs an article on the Tingalpa 2012 Olympic bid. During an interview, TINCOG President Tom Carroll questioned how a city such as London could possibly even be considered as a potential Olympic host city.

Find the whole story in the media section.

The London Metro

JJJ INTERVIEW - September 1, 2004

Beat The Drum

TINCOG President Tom Carroll interviewed on Triple J, discussing the upcoming 2012 Olympic bid with Chris and Craig on the "Today Today" program.

A complete transcript of all TINCOG-related segments of the show can be found in the media section.


An all-new photo gallery highlighting the great sights of Tingalpa is coming soon!

Boxing Venue Aquatic Centre Athlete's Village

Relive the magic of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

  • Population: 9,000
  • Tingalpa is 9.5km east of the Brisbane CBD.
  • The only suburb of Brisbane to ever have applied for an Olympic Games three times.

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